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Sheep for Sale

Next Online Sale October 16-20

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2023 Sale Rules

Our goal is for you to be successful with Dorper Sheep! That is the first rule. If you are not happy for any reason we want to work with you to make it right.


1. All sheep sell with full interest. Half-Circle Six Ranches LLC reserves the right to have any ram sold in this sale collected for its own use at buyers convenience and at Half-Circle Six Ranches LLC’s sole expense.

2. All sheep purchased are guaranteed as breeders. Rams are guaranteed fertile. If a ram is found to be infertile by a licensed veterinarian within six months of purchase, he will be replaced. The ram must be returned, at the buyers expense, and tested by our veterinarian to determine that he is in fact infertile. If found infertile the ram will be replaced. Ewes are guaranteed to breed and deliver a lamb. If a ewe will not breed she must be returned, at the buyers cost, and then given an opportunity to be bred by our rams. If the ewe will not conceive she will be replaced. Ewes sold as open are not guaranteed to be open but are in our best estimation to not have been bred. Ewes that are shown subsequent to purchase are not guaranteed as breeders. Aged ewes do not carry any guarantee. 

3. Our sheep are not guaranteed against death, disease, or accident that may occur. We do not guarantee against faults that may develop over time that were not detectable at time of purchase.

4. There will be no commission charged to buyers. There will be no charge for registration papers to be transferred provided the buyer is a member of the ADSBS. Sheep can be delivered most anywhere for $2.50 per loaded mile and customers are able to split costsAfter the sale closes each sheep can be kept at Half-Circle Six Ranches LLC’s facilities at buyers sole risk and responsibility. Each sheep shall be charged $3 per day for feed and care until buyer can take delivery.

5. Unless prior arrangements are made all payments shall be made in full 7 days after the sale ends. Buyers may make payment by check or Cash.

6. Each lot in this auction shall have a starting bid price, a buy it now price, and a reserve price. Any lot that does not receive a bid equal to or exceeding the reserve price shall be a No Sale. In the event a buyer at the ranch selects an animal and near the same time a Buy Now sale is made online it shall be considered a tie bid and opend up for bidding by and between only the two parties involved in order to resolve the tie.

7. Neither Half-Circle Six Ranches LLC, Philip Glass, or Jennifer Glass shall accept any responsibility for any malfunction of the software running this auction, any internet connections or service, or any other technical, computer, or software issue that may impede either the auction itself or the potential buyers ability to utilize this auction.

8. Neither Half-Circle Six Ranches LLC, Philip Glass, or Jennifer Glass offers any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose for any item purchased in this auction.

Scrapie testing:  No Dorper or White Dorper sheep has ever been diagnosed with scrapie anywhere in the world. All cases of scrapie found in the US have been in black face medium wool breeds or sheep and goats kept with them. We no longer codon test our sheep.