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Philip's Safaris

I've been blessed to hunt all over the world including 15 trips to Africa. I have hunted the Big 5 and the Dangerous 7 and recently completed an epic Safari to Cameroon. At this point in my hunting career I've decided to share my experience and expertise by taking other hunters on their first (or 2nd or 3rd!) Safari. Being able to share the wonderful experience of travelling to a foreign country and not only hunting but experiencing a new culture is really life changing. There is just something about Africa that is like a disease that attaches itself to you and won't let go! I've got the bug and the only cure is to visit the Dark Continent from time to time.

Most hunters think Africa is just too expensive and too hard to get to. This is just not the case and I have very economical hunting packages to share with anyone who is interested. Additionally, having traveled to Africa so many times, I will assist with all the arrangements to make sure all goes as planned.

Please contact me by email at dorper@dorper.net to get more information on the trip of a lifetime!