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Post Election Depression

Dear Dorper Breeders,

Well the election did not go the way many of us thought it should and after all the hype, news stories, advertisements, and calls asking for money I'm glad its over. I am in political detox! I have had to cut out the News and Radio for a while and just enjoy nature and be at peace with my thoughts.

As a producer you produce something. You have a factory and manufacture a good that then enters the marketplace. We produce Dorper market lambs and breeding stock. If we were in Australia each sheep sale we make would be taxable. Unthinkable to us in the good ole USA right? Unfortunately the unthinkable will soon be the norm if the current administration gets its way. Thats right take from the producers to pay the non producers! This is what our nation just voted for. Our US sheep industry is holding on by a string and predators, taxes, and many other perils are about to take us out. The liberals would like to take away our predator control tools as they have done in many states. Folks I don't know about you but I work my tail off to care for my sheep and I have lost over $70,000 worth of sheep this year to predators. If our Wildlife Services budget is cut and our predator control tools such as the M44 are taken away I'm afraid to say we may be out of business or have to drastically cut back our flock. I don't want to have a sheep hobby its a great business if your lambs live and you manage well.

Lets just hope that some common sense will trickle down from real Americans to our center of power Washington D.C. Be active in your sheep organizations at both the state and federal level. This is our only voice in these matters.

Now its time to kick back and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. I always enjoy the fall and winter and Thanksgiving and Christmas. I suppose I'm just a kid at heart!

Dorper Regards,

Philip Glass